A time to rest and a time to take a break

This is the time when you need to take a good rest and take a break but you can’t, simply because the world continues to turn, and you just have to run after time to deliver ’cause if not, if will be more difficult…

I haven’t been badly sick for years not until now. Yes I am sick and I am not the type of person who usually announce this to the world. I prefer to be perceived as strong but this time, I just have to bow down and be humble.

When I woke up on Saturday morning I already have a sore throat. This is soon followed by headache early in the morning. Too bad, getting caught in rain in Manila made it worse. Thanks to my heavy bag which contains checkmyschool.org materials for the talk and San Beda, I got body pain. And last Sunday Mr. fever and Ms. LBM also visited me.

I am writing this blog not to rant about what I am feeling. I just want to make a point here. I want to rest. Take a break. Heal myself. I am asking God to help me. There are just a lot of things going around that I can’t control and it’s pulling me to just keep going.

Please do not get me wrong. I am given the chance to completely take a break and rest. But it is not just possible. The people needs me. I have a time to consider since we are operating in output basis.

I consider myself a responsible person. I do not feel comfortable knowing that I left some work behind. If I can force myself, I will do it just to finish the task. I always go over my limits. I do not let challenges overcome me.

Now this is the time I am keep myself still and keep silent for a while.

I asked God what I supposed to do. He said that I should take a break and rest. Things will be in order. For now, I just have to place all the things I have to do in greater hands. I just have to take that leap of faith and trust that I will be fine soon to take my new challenges.

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