Using Social Media for Big Listening

Using Social Media for Big Listening
October 10th, 15:00 BST – 10:00 EST – 7:00 PST

The rise of social media as a tool in advocacy, engagement and mobilisation has been dramatic. But as more organizations make use of social tools to promote program and campaign messages, only a small percentage of organizations are “listening” to see how people are spreading the word, what worked and what did not. At the same time, we’re learning about U.S. government agencies listening to online communications. We’ll discuss a few recent examples of big listening.

This webinar will demonstrate a range of listening activities and monitoring tactics that follow available social platforms–including blogs, video, Twitter and Facebook, discussion boards like Reddit, and online mainstream media. Using a range of tools to track these social platforms, including simple free ones you can create an “online dashboard” that gives fast insight into conversation trends on the issues and programs you care about. Rachel Weidinger will talk about the innovative approaches that her organisation, (, has developed to monitor discussions about the Ocean and Dirk Slater from Fabriders ( will discuss how these techniques have been used in marginalised communities.

Jessica Steimer from Aspiration ( will discuss the basic building blocks of listening, including email alerts, searches, feeds and tags.

More information can be found here:

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