Twenty o’thirteen: Learned from the slap

1483354_10202833457857765_2052922365_nIt was not an easy year, I must say. There were a lot of ups and downs. There were a lot of moments when I tried to stop for a moment to reflect but I couldn’t because I had so much to do. It is as if I really did a lot of work for this year, but not. I just felt tired – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I kept things within me than share it to people or ask God for help.

Year 2013 gave a hard slap on my face. It’s not to punish or embarrass me but to make me think of my priorities. I learned a lot of lessons this year. I realized that relationships are more important than anything else. To get the most results, you need to work as a team and value the people you are working with. Success has no room for selfish people. I realized that trust can be given to every one but belief can only be given to some. You need to carefully choose the leader you will follow because a leader can either make or break you. I also realized to also slow down in giving all your efforts on what’s not yours. It is important to own it first before really giving in so you won’t get hurt once it is taken from you. It should be noted though that we cannot really cling to things found here on earth. The most important lesson I learned of all, for a person who hates goodbyes, is to learn to let go.

To fully realize the things I have to improve on, I did an assessment and planning last 28 to 30 December. Initially I thought that I missed to do the things I planned because of all the difficulties I witnessed and faced this year, I thought I failed. But I was wrong. Looking back and assessing this year, I realized that I actually accomplished a lot.


  • Got promoted twice at work;
  • Got the chance to study in Ireland;
  • Met new amazing people and became friends with them;
  • Became a real life foundation coach;
  • Had an exciting adventure in China, Banaue Rice Terraces and other places;
  • Got the chance to help other people in times of disaster;
  • Fell in love;
  • Achieved the targets I set for work;
  • Achieve my fitness goal and got into yoga practice; and
  • Built more memories with my family and friends.
Planned accomplishments, unplanned accomplishments, and gapsSWOT Analysis

I was just probably tired that’s why I didn’t realized the beauty of this year. I tired the people around me too. I got a lot of pressures and my response was to take it all. I learned my lessons. All the things that happened in 2013 was necessary for me to realize that I have to reorganize my priorities, set a system, follow it, but still make room for some surprises and changes from God. I need to breathe and enjoy the moments.

To let God take over is primarily the main point of the plans I set for the next three years of my life. I decided to plan for three years because I know that changes and my prayers will take some time to be realized. I want to avoid the rush of getting things done based on my time. I want it to be according to God’s time. Among the strategic objectives I set for the next years are (not the exact phrasing I did):

  • To be a woman after God’s own heart (as inspired by E. George);
  • To help and influence people by adding value to them (as inspired by J. Maxwell);
  • To secure my family’s future;
  • To become the best person I could be for others; and
  • To maximize my season of youth.
The thinking hat - facts. what to do, challenges, solutions, and feelings
The thinking hat – facts. what to do, challenges, solutions, and feelings
The 3-year goal, purpose, objectives, success indicators, and targets
The 3-year goal, purpose, objectives, success indicators, and targets

I am excited how these plans with turn out. Much more is the fact that I am excited for the bigger things ahead. What I’m doing now is prepare – prepare -prepare. This year taught me a lot a lessons that I could bring in 2014. I still thank this year for both its pains and joy. I wouldn’t ask for another 2013. I wouldn’t ask for other memories to be in it, much more are other people to be in it. I love it the way it shook me as a person. I want get out of this better.

Before another digit adds to this year, allow me to thank all the people who became part of it…

  • To my family, thank you for all the support and love. I couldn’t be who I am now without your understanding and nurturing. I love you all.
  • To all my new found friends. It was a pleasure meeting you. The universe must be so small to bring people like you and me together. I am looking forward to making more memories with you. I love you.
  • To all my friends since I was born, thank you for staying. Some people left and some people go, but I believe you are all worth keeping. I will fight with all my might just to make sure you’ll still be there kicking with me until 3014 (that is if you still want to be with me). I love you.
  • To all my colleagues in ANSA East Asia Pacific, thank you for the lessons you taught me. Thank you for constantly checking on me. True to the goals of being socially accountable, thank you the four years of pruning. I love you.
  • To all my orgmates in Rotaract, Comm4Change, Global Changemakers, Clinton Global Initiative, Victory Church, National Youth Parliament, Global Youth for Anti-Corruption, and ADB Youth Partners – thank you so much for constantly inspiring me. You all served as a fuel to keep me going. What we are doing is not easy but as long as I know there are still people like you who wants to make this world a better place, I won’t quit. Thank you and I love you all.
  • To all who volunteered and contributed in RevivePh, Checkmyschool, and Paraiso, thank you so much. I hope you won’t get tired in helping. Your heart to help others is what makes this journey of change-making more meaningful. Let’s continue to hope that days will be better soon. I love you all.
  • To my mentors, teachers, supporters, and detractors, thank you for making time for me. I really appreciate your words of encouragement and advises. Though I am not following all of those, rest assured that it is all considered and carefully thought of. I promise to continue in seeking your words and carefully follow it next time. Again, thank you so much and I love you all too.
  • To all the people I met along the way, thank you for that time our eyes met and said hello. I am looking forward to building more memories with you soon. I hope your wishes for 2014 will come true. I love you.

To conclude my final blog post for 2013, allow me to share some of my answered prayers this 2013 to inspire you of the surprises ahead. These are the faith goals  we set in church every January of the year and the answers I got along the year:

  • Promotion from work -> new responsibilties in ANSA;
  • New discipleship group -> Lai, Maan, Mona, and company;
  • Sustainability of Checkmyschool for the next 5 years  -> got a grant from GPSA on this;
  • New business/social enterprise -> Paraiso Junks;
  • Wear swimsuit in the beach with good figure -> haha! I did this is Caramoan

This coming 6 to 10 January, we will be doing another prayer and fasting in Victory. If you wish to join, you may do so by clicking this link. I promise that this is something you will be thankful for.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Have a blessed 2014 to you and your love ones! #lovelovelove #feelings

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Anonymous

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