9 Great Reasons Why You Should Join Checkmyschool.org


1.      Help improve school condition.

By joining CMS, you are taking part in the revolution of improving the education situation in the country by providing better services to public schools where most of the Filipino children are studying.

2.      Take part in the development of the country.

Education is crucial in the development of Philippines. According to HSBC forecast, Philippines will be among the top 20 countries in the world by 2050. One reason for this is the rule of law and quality of education in the country. When you take part in CMS, you monitor the services provided in the schools (part of the rule of the law) and improve the quality of education by providing better services to schools.

3.      Be the change you want to see in the world by volunteering.

“Volunteers aren’t paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” – Anonymous

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

These two famous quotations reflect the beauty of a volunteer’s heart: who serves without anything in return; and a person who change the world by giving service to others. When you volunteer to CMS, you are not just showing unconditional love, but you are also taking part in changing the world.

4.      Friendship and family of public servants

As of 2012, CMS has reached 14 areas in the country with 20 infomediaries and 1,053 volunteers. CMS offers you this large network of friends whom you can tap for your own activities. These are reliable people whom you connect with especially when you are in their area

Not only does CMS offer you a genuine friendship, but also a family whom you can grow with. CMS gathers its volunteers at least one a year for workshops, and other activities where you can bond with each other. CMS also has a Facebook group where you can chat and exchange your thoughts.

 5.      Develop yourself with training and other opportunities

CMS and its partners provide training and other opportunities which you can access when you take part in the group. The training includes facilitation skills, reporting skills, fund-raising, and the like.

Other opportunities include invitation to events related to education, governance, leadership, and other youth events where volunteers can benefit on.

 6.      Networking with various sectors

CMS is connected with different stakeholders such as government agencies, private sectors, citizen groups, academe, and media. When you join CMS, you will also be connected with these stakeholders whom you can build relationships with. Below are some benefits of networking according to Made Manual (http://www.mademan.com/mm/10-benefits-networking.html):

  1. Being active. Being active is a benefit of networking. Believe it or not, by just getting yourself out there and connecting to people you are moving your career forward. By going to a networking party or group, you are taking the first step towards improving yourself and your career.


  1. Openness. Openness is a benefit of networking. By allowing yourself to be open you gain more information for yourself and share information with others. 


  1. Information. Information is a benefit of networking. When you go to network parties you are almost guaranteed to gain information, starting from when you first walk in the door.


  1. Knowledge. Knowledge is a benefit of networking. The more information you have the more power you have. Networking helps you expand your knowledge about where you want to grow and puts you in the position to help others.


  1. New leads. Finding new leads is a benefit of networking. Networking allows you to gain new ideas and new approaches that you didn’t think of before. 


  1. Contacts. Gaining contacts is a benefit of networking. You are sure to make great new personal contacts and connections.


  1. Skills. Developing skills is a benefit of networking. Networking is a skill in itself. The more you network, the better you do and the more chances there are that you will grow.


  1. Reputation. Improving your reputation is a benefit of networking. If you start networking a lot and become good at it, you might get a reputation for being a person people want to talk to and get to know. Again, this will allow you to grow. 


  1. Support. Finding support is a benefit of networking. A good reputation leads to support. Getting people to be on your side is like word of mouth advertising. These people will help spread good information about who you are and what your business does.


  1. Self Esteem. Gaining self esteem is a benefit of networking. As humans we need to socialize and network, which leads to making friends and getting people to like us. All this leads to higher self esteem. Higher self esteem makes you happy and in turn makes you create a better position for yourself so that you and your business will grow.

 7.      Prestige in joining CMS

CMS is the first in the world in combining different digital media and community mobilization. It has garnered a great reputation not just in the Philippines but also in the world in terms of providing innovative examples and concrete results. In less than a year, CMS has already been featured in television, online news, print media, radio, and events not just in the country but in different parts of the globe. Its popularity already made replications in countries like Colombia, and also enticed other countries to adopt it as well. As you get connected with CMS, you also become part of that prestige.

 8.      One of a kind experience

CMS offers you a one of a kind experience in volunteering. It offers you a challenging opportunity of communicating with different kinds of people from different sectors. It gives you the challenge of going to places where you haven’t been. It gives you that once-in-a-lifetime chance of concretely making a change in the community by helping schools to improve their condition. There are a lot more to be discovered here. Don’t worry because you have a dependable CMS family to support you on this.

9.      Gain the power of information

CMS promotes transparency and social accountability using information. When you take part in CMS, you don’t just know the information but you also take part in seeking the right information. When you have the right information, you gain the power of truth which you can use to further advance the cause of improving the services in the schools. Not only are you going to be informed about the school information, but you will also learn a lot of things regarding education, DepEd, digital technology and other related information.


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