Free Online Short Course on Journalism

Young Innovations Europe is bringing to you a short online course in “Basics of Journalism”:

4 weeks to learn the basic elements of the journalistic profession. Read below and apply!

Free Online Short Course on “Basics of Journalism”

NOTE: Only open to applicants from the countries of the Council of Europe

Brought to you by Young Innovations Europe, project of Youth Action for Change Course

Dates: 6th June – 30th June

Course Description: This course is designed for young people aged 15-30 who are actively involved in making a difference in their communities and coming from one of the member countries of the Council of Europe. This course will provide students information in building skills on how to be a reporter.

The primary aim of journalism is to ethically and responsibly provide citizens with the necessary information to be free and capable of making judgment and taking decisions.

The course is consisted of a variety of learning material in basics of Journalism, the journalist’s profession, new ways of being Journalists and Journalism and NGOs.

The course will be restricted to 30 participants chosen by application – preference is given to participants who are active in their communities and who intend to use the course material to help them make a difference in their communities. Participants must be able to attend all sessions of the course and complete homework tasks in order to obtain a certificate of completion. Participants must also have regular internet access (at least 5 hours per week) to join course sessions. Students who may also be disadvantaged are also encouraged to apply.

About Young Innovations Europe: A fresh and exciting magazine created for and by young people interested in exercising positive leadership in their own communities in groundbreaking ways. Showcasing the brightest and most innovative youth-led and youth-motivated initiatives effecting positive change and youth participation in Europe, we are engaging with our commitment to encourage young people to inform and motivate other young people.

About Youth Action for Change: Youth Action for Change (YAC) is a global, youth-led organization inspiring and empowering young people worldwide to become active agents of change in their own communities, so as to be able to tackle the issues affecting them and the world at large. YAC is a pioneer in online distance learning for youth and has trained over 1000 youth over the past few years.

Application (HOW TO APPLY): Register your interest in participating in this free online course by completing the online application form at YIECourseJournalism by the 24th of May 2011. For any further information, send an email to yaccourses (logistics of the course) or infoyie (content). Successful participants will be notified by the 1st of June 2011. Apply fast as only the first 100 applications will be considered. Our student guide can also be downloaded here StudentGuide

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