Moving beyond

Today is the last day that will mark my first day of moving beyond.

I have been living for more than 2 decades now and I could say that I am very happy on how things are going. Great job, happy relationships, healthy being, and consistently challenged life. I can feel that I am really growing every day. It is such a fulfillment to note that both challenges and surprises makes me more excited about what will happen tomorrow.

Blessed – that is how I will describe my life. God has brought me to the place where my purpose is coming true. I have a good job that allows me to travel, meet people, and of course help my fellow (and my country). That alone is more than enough to say that God has always been there to fulfill his promise.

Getting positions in organizations, winning contests, travelling, happy family and loving friends. The universe seems to be conspiring to bring me all these treasures in life. I could not ask for more but for God to use me more to fulfill his purpose.

Gifted – that is how I will describe my relationships. Single as always, and I am happy about it. I may not be holding someone else’s hands at the moment but I know soon, God will hand me that person I am destined to be with. I am happy to be single than to be attached with someone who is not for me. No more waiting in vain and martyrdom this time. I will just prepare myself for that right person.

I have my family, genuine friends who is always there and colleagues who constantly reminds me that God is always there. I value relationships more than anything else. What I learned at this point in my life is that “money can’t really buy happiness but good relationships can provide you more than happiness”.

Chosen – is my discernment as I move beyond a new year in my life. Of all people in this country and the world, I believe that I am one of the chosen. This belief serves as my driving force in moving beyond my mission of serving my fellow and the world. A David in the making, I know I’ll be facing giants on the new year in my life but I know that with God, I can conquer them all. I have no right to sit down and slouch waiting for things to happen. I’ll be moving beyond and do my part in changing the world.

Moving beyond. Moving with God.

– This is Jecel Censoro, 2 hours before the clock ticks to 12.=D

At Magellan's Cross, Cebu City, Philippines for my birthday celebration - June 2011

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