Lessons in life from the Clinton Summer School 2013

Here are some lessons learned (Other lessons will be posted soon. Please be back for the updated version):

On issue resolution/conflict management:

  • “Dealing with the past will always be difficult” – Dansel McDaniel
  • “It is important to make a compromise and decision at a certain time. Timing is always important on this.” – Peter Quinn
  • “Shortened diplomacy will never deliver a solution. Solutions are delivered when people come face to face.” – Peter Quinn

On business/social enterprise:

  • “The best business plan is having the person who has the ability to do it” – Emer of Dublin City University
  • “Be prepared to take a risk.” Emer of DCU
  • “The keys to success are: (a) vision to make a difference, (b) determination to do it, (c) confidence to do it, (d) believing that it is good, and (e) accept the possibility of failure but still do it. – Peter Quinn
  • “What makes a business person different? They normally hunger for success or wealth. They see market opportunities. They are prepared to take a risk. They are community oriented. They can lead. But best of all, they should be leaders.”  – Peter Quinn

On change-making:

  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – quoted by Lauren from Mahatma Gandhi
  • “The biggest bigotry: We don’t listen to the people who disagree with us.”
  • “We easily get caught up in the day  to day life that we forget that the simple things in life is what matters most.”
  • “One of the determinants of life is confidence. You have to believe in yourself.” – Peter Quinn

Disclaimer: These are just my notes. If I fail to quote someone or failed to capture what the exact quote is, please let me know. 

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