A teacher is a change-maker

We finally saw each other again after 11 years.:DWe finally saw each other again after 11 years.:D

Teary-eyed, I went home from the birthday party of my teacher’s son. I cried because I finally saw Ma’am Sharon, my adviser in first year high school, whom I haven’t seen for 11 years. More than being a teacher, she’s the one who believed that I can do more that I thought, and that there is something special about me that no one sees. My heart just overflowed with gladness as the past comes back, then I wiped my tears.

A very relaxed student who prefers to play games or do some art stuffs – that’s who I am, at least during high school. I am often scolded for not studying at all. If I do, that was usually a night before my class. Thanks to my mom who helped in finishing my assignments. Thanks to my grandma too who would bribe me every time I passed exams. These external motivations kept me at the top 10 in my class. But for my dad, being in the list of the top in class was nothing. He didn’t even go to my elementary graduation simply because I’m not the class valedictorian.

In first year high school, I got the opportunity to become the class president. That was a big leap because it required more responsibility and discipline from me. Being the head of the class paved the way for me to spend more time working with my adviser Ma’am Sharon Chavez on school matters. We would stay late decorating the room or preparing for school competitions.  Those were good leadership training at an early age of 13, but what’s more life changing is how much Ma’am Sharon pushed me to be better by really pressuring me to perform better in school.

First year sectioning at the National College of Business and Arts is organized randomly. However, there are these students from 1st year Amiable which dominates the top 10. To get into that list is a tough challenge primarily because you don’t know how your opponents were performing since you are in a different section (if that’s the best thing to describe it then). At first I didn’t frame myself that I have to be the top in class, but because I have that strong push from Ma’am Sharon to do my best. That was difficult challenge because that will entail sacrificing my play time and comfort. But that is something Ma’am Sharon fought for, as she consistently motivates and coached me to be one of the best students in high school.

1st year section Humility with adviser Sharon Chavez
1st year section Humility with adviser Sharon Chavez

Whenever my mom gets my report card, Ma’am Sharon would tell her that I am a very great student. I just need to be pushed (that’s super cool cause my mom would tell that to my dad). In class, she would always call me for recitation, believing that I have answers to her questions. She later would give me things I have to improve and some tips on how to do better. She would constantly remind me to work harder. It’s like having a teacher, a sister, and a coach all in one person. I felt pressured but it all turned out good at the end.

I got into the top 10 of the 1st year on the third and last quarter. I was the top in my section too. Not only in the academics did I really improve. I got to develop my leadership skills too as the head of the class. Our section managed to win several school-wide competitions. We also got the recognition of the most beautiful classroom. Thanks to our young and passionate adviser. She was always there all along.

Photo credits: FacebookPhoto credits: Facebook

To be the best that I can be, to believe that I can make it to the top, and to really work hard to achieve my goals are lessons from Ma’am Sharon that I’ve been continuing to live up to this day. Who I am now, and who I will be in the future is partly because I got great teachers who didn’t just teach, but believed that I can do it. It is true that no matter how good the teachers are, there will always be bad students. However, I would like to attest that it takes only one teacher to believe that a bad student can be someone, for them to be able to change. It all requires good faith. It takes a good teacher to do that.

Tonight, I just want to shout to the world how a teacher changed my life. For most of the time we take for granted how much they played a part in our lives simply because we paid them (at least for private schools). We often forget how crucial they were in giving us the power to do and understand things. I’d like to believe that a teacher’s job is not mainly to teach, but really to change a person. It’s one of the professions I look up to. It’s one of the things I commit to do soon.

Thank you Ma’am Sharon for everything! Thank you to all our amazing teachers!:)

2 thoughts on “A teacher is a change-maker

  1. Hi Jecel, This is Brittany Thomas, your friend from the USA and the Clinton Centre Summer School 2013. I greatly enjoyed reading this post. You have reminded me to be appreciative of the blessings that have been afforded in my life, especially the great education I have received which has influenced my current position. I hope all is well in your world and look forward to having the opportunity to reconnect sometime again in the future. May all of your dreams come true.

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